Month: October 2017

I’m back

This is just a quick note to let you all know, well, if anyone’s still out there, that a) I’m not dead, and b) the reason I haven’t written anything here in two years–well, it complicated, so I’ll just say that I am 80,000 words into writing a first novel that I hope to have the first draft completed by the end of this year. It’s tentatively titledĀ Sullen Teenage Rebels, and it’s the story of an inner-city youth forced to move to a small town in the Mojave Desert and learn the ropes of the culture, while dealing with bullies, bigots, cougars (of both varieties), zealous church people, mental illness, and the deadly cabal of shape-shifting lizard people secretly controlling the world. It’s getting real now–I just reserved the domain name (although now it just redirects back to this blog.) In the upcoming weeks I’ll be developing that site and posting story excerpts, some of the old “Sullen Teenage Rebels” comics, and other things to promote the novel. Stay tuned.