On second thought…

When I posted my last post two days ago, some of my Facebook friends thought that I was leaving Facebook for good, and expressed genuine sorrow that I was leaving. I really don’t want to leave Facebook. I just don’t want to participate in the negativity that pervades that social network. So I’m still going to be on, and I’m still going to post, and I’m still going to talk to my friends on there. I just won’t be on there nearly as often. And when I see something that disturbs or offends me, I’m not going to jump into the fray. I’m not going to feed the trolls anymore.

Instead, I want to fill the web with something positive. So I’m going to be filling up this blog with positive things about my life and experiences. I can’t really talk about work or the place I live without anonymizing and sanitizing everything beyond the point of recognition, so I’m going to talk about my nerd life. I am The Wandering Nerd, after all. I have the tendency to wander all over the place, as far as my interests go. I’ll find a new shiny interest and before I know it, I’ll be completely immersed in it. It will be all I think about and want to do. But then, a few weeks later, I’ll discover something new, and I’ll be totally into that, and the last awesome thing goes by the wayside.

This year alone, my “fascinations of the week” have ranged from Homestar Runner to Star Trek to Star Wars to Star Wars: The Clone Wars to ancient Stoic philosophy to getting my computer to run Linux to Super Mario Galaxy to Jules Verne novels to the Universal Monster Movies to trying to write a silly fantasy novel to back to Homestar Runner again. So I’m hoping that by writing about my interests, I can learn about what makes me tick, I can show my friends and the world about all the cool nerdy things I’m into, and maybe eventually I’ll come back to some of these things and pick up where I left off.

This isn’t world-changing journalism here. I just want to play in my own nerdy playground for a bit, without the politics and anger I see in so many other forums online.

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